Finding The Time To Write Your Book


By Les Kletke

The greatest challenge I hear from most ‘would be authors’ is that they don’t have the time to write their books, they want to but they just can’t find the time.

The old adage about ‘if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it’ is no more true than in this case, busy people get their book done. It is a matter of setting priorities and scheduling the time. Your book will not get written if you leave it for when you have time, you have to take the initiative to set the time aside.

The first step is realizing how important your book is as a business tool, it gives you instant credibility, it is a business card on steroids, and it gives you another product to sell. How you use your book is another topic, just decide how important it is to get it done.

The second step is to schedule the time, many of my clients write first thing in the morning, it is the time that I find most productive as well, I like to get some writing done before the phone starts to ring and all the other distractions come along.

The third step is be realistic, you are not going to get a book done in 10 or 15 minute segments, okay Prime Minister Harper says he wrote his history of hockey book in 15 minute intervals but for most of us that is not going to work. I suggest an hour block, set the time aside and sit down to write you will be amazed at what you get done in an hour of writing, when you are really writing.

Most of the clients that I coach find they can write a chapter in 2 hours, that is 2,000 words. So when you have your outline done and a system to construct the chapters with you can get it done in 25 two hour sessions or 50 one hour sessions. This may not work for everyone but I have worked with several clients who set aside two hours a day and get their book done in a month, and then have it published in another two months, one month for editing and another for printing.

You may have to give up something for a while but you will find that have a book is well worth the sacrifice, and you may even find that you like writing and want to keep doing it. Give it a try, set aside the time you need to write, and get started on that book, today.



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