Writer’s Block – Not!

writers block is a myth

By Les Kletke

Subtitle: There’s No Such Thing As Writer’s Block

Don’t give yourself the excuse of writer’s block, it does not exist it is only an excuse for procrastination and not getting down to the task at hand.

Have you ever picked up a newspaper and found a blank section because the writer had writer’s block or just didn’t feel like writing? It doesn’t happen and you should not get into the habit of allowing yourself that excuse. It is just like smoking, if you don’t start you won’t have to go through the agony of quitting.

During my time as freelance for a dozen or so newspapers I knew that I had to generate 10 stories a week to make a living, that meant come up with the idea for the story, sell the idea to the story, conduct the interview, and write the story, and submit it on deadline. There was little time to have Writer’s Block, previous to that I hosted a news magazine show on radio and during the two hour show we had four interview segments, every day. The listeners and my boss did not what to hear dead air because I had the radio equivalent of Writer’s Bock.

You may not feel like writing every time you sit down, but if you get started that can change. Get started on writing and you will find that you get into the flow of the piece and things get better, often you will surprise yourself that the time you have set aside to write is over.

On the days when you are not creating your very best copy keep going and get some ideas down, it is always easier to come back and improve on what you have written than to start from a blank page. You have also not allowed yourself to get into the habit of Writer’s Block. Train yourself not to fall prey to the concept of something that doesn’t really exist.

Clients try to use this excuse when they don’t have a chapter ready for our interview, and I most often reply, “Don’t bother me I am playing with my Mental Blocks” they soon understand that it is better to get some copy down on paper and improve it later than leave the assignment.

I do not disagree that there are some days that you don’t feel like writing and there are some days that the flow of your effort is just much better, but you have to find what works for you in getting started, some people have rituals that get them into the frame of mind for writing, others have drills that they go through when they are struggling to get started, you will find what works best for you.



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