Finding Space To Write

Finding space to write

By Les Kletke

The number two problem, after not having time, for would be authors is not having a space to write. This is a very poor excuse, if you want to write you will find a space and I suggest you keep it consistent –write in the same place all the time it helps you get into the frame of mind for you work. The space in your mind is much more important than the physical space.

It would be great if we all had a cabin in the woods to go to and write the perfect novel, but that is not going to happen and we do not have the writer’s cabin that allowed Louis L’Amour to churn out the volume of work he did. Reality is that you are writing one book at a time and you can write it where ever you are comfortable.

The method that you choose to write with will have some effect on where you can write, if you care to write on your mobile device you may choose to tap out your manuscript on the commute to and from work. I worked with one client who actually typed his entire manuscript on his blackberry, I prefer to use it for notes to myself when I think of a point that I want to include but not the entire manuscript.

I still do a lot of work with a good pen and a moleskine note book, some would call me a paper snob but I like the feel of a good pen on good paper, not everyone thinks that is important. What is important is what works for you, if you make notes on your phone and send them to yourself great the issue here is about recording the ideas that you want to include in your book.

If you are fortunate enough to have an office or studio good for you, if you choose to write at the kitchen table or in your favorite chair that is not a disadvantage the key is finding a place that is comfortable and allows you to get into the frame of mind for writing. We all complain about not having enough time for this task, writing in the same place helps with that, you are able to get down to work a lot faster if you have a ‘writing place’. You go to that place with the intent of writing, you are not fussing with the surroundings you are there to write, so get down to the task of putting words on paper, that is what writing is regardless of the form or place you choose.



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