Why LinkedIn is Crucial for B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation on LinkedIn

Curated by Kevin Morris.

If you are not using LinkedIn for lead generation, these few graphs might change your mind.

Look at recent data that eMarketer reported:

Top Online Marketing Channels

88% of B2B marketers are using (unpaid) social-media marketing, and 63% are using (paid) social-media advertising simply because that is where the audience is present.

And which social networks are proving to be the most effective for B2B purposes? Here is data from Hubspot:

B2B leads from social media

WebMarketing123 provides further analysis:

B2B social channels

LinkedIn is the most prominent social network for business because it is focused on business and people use it for business purposes.

LinkedIn is valuable for B2B companies that want to generate quality leads. But for optimal success, lead generation on LinkedIn should be combined with other social media marketing and content creation strategies, and personal touch.

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