Optimizing Your Searches in LinkedIn: Boolean Searches

boolean logic

Curated by Kevin Morris.

Sometimes I post articles on this blog for my own purposes. Like this article I came across on Boolean Searches for LinkedIn. Because I have a premium account on LinkedIn, and perform a lot of advanced searches to feed into a special software that we license to automatically generate leads on LinkedIn.

Here are some simple steps you can use when doing searches on LinkedIn:

  • AND (must use ALL CAPS): For example, “Author” and “Sales” then all the search results would be individuals who are in sales AND author
  • OR is used to make the search large. What? Using our previous example, the search results would show all the Sales people, all the Authors, and all the people that have BOTH listed in their profile
  • NOT is used to eliminate all the terms you do NOT want included in your search. If I were searched for Sales Authors NOT located in Chicago, when the search would look like this: “Sales” AND “Authors” NOT “Chicago,”

Hope this serves!

The original articles was published here.



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