The Power of Audio To Promote Your Book: 10 Methods

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Curated by Kevin Morris

Audio is a very powerful medium for use in your marketing, especially to promote your book. You needn’t look far to find examples: When people go for a walk, a run, exercise, perform household chores, driving in their car – Your audience is consuming audio.

A consumer survey performed by the Audio Publisher’s Association in 2013 further proves empirically what we already know intuitively:

  • Audiobook buyers love the convenience factor, especially for long car trips
  • More than two-thirds of recent audiobook buyers described audiobooks as relaxing and great for multi-tasking
  • An audio performance makes some books more interesting than the printed version.

Clearly if you take the time to write a book, you should create an audio version. If you write an article or white paper, this could become an audio file or audio interview.

From the Book Marketing Mag, here are ten ways to use audio to generate book sales:

  1. Audio on your website. A short greeting and passage from your book provides a nice personal introduction to you and your material.
  2. Weekly podcasts of different things going on with your book.
  3. Book samples. You can have dialogue excerpts or whole chapters available for download.
  4. Audio series especially good if you have a non-fiction book. Your audio could be based on a topic related to your book.
  5. Teleclasses if you participate or hold teleseminars or webinars having an audio of the class available is a valuable tool. The listener can download it and listen to it at their convenience.
  6. Internet radio also known as BlogTalk Radio is a valuable tool in which you can target a specific niche or audience. Use an audio of the show as another promotional option.
  7. Book trailers. While book trailer has both video and audio you can separate the audio and use it like an old-fashioned radio show.
  8. Recorded speech or presentation. Anytime you give a live presentation request a recording of the event. It will make a good selling point when booking future events
  9. Create a CD to go along with a hard copy of your book to be sold separately or as a set.
  10. Give-a-way

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